Executive Jet - Why?: Private Use Advantages

Just imagine being able to fly where you want to, when you want to, and in complete luxury. That's exactly what you get when travelling with an Executive Jet. It can be in your own, leased or chartered aircraft, the cost may vary between the options, however, most of the wonderful benefits will apply to them all.

Using an Executive Jet isn't just about "making an entrance", it's about flexibility and convenience - you can fly closer to your destination and save enough time to enjoy an extra day. Or reach unspoilt destinations too remote to be served by most scheduled airlines.

When flying using your own Executive Jet, there are no check-in queues, no tedious security checks, no boarding gate changes, no long passport control queues and no waiting around for your luggage. In short, there are no frustrations and you can amend your schedule whenever necessary.

However, it doesn't stop there. You can even choose the in-flight menu, your favourite wines and the newspapers and magazines to await you onboard.