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Purchasing an Aircraft

Aircraft Brokerage
Aircraft Brokerage

We offer a complete broking service dealing with all the complexities and hassle associated with sourcing and purchasing an Executive Jet. We will endeavour to use our knowledge, experience and contacts to find you, the buyer/user/lessee, the most appropriate aircraft to suit your needs and budget.

You may wish to purchase a new aircraft, in which case we would liaise with the manufacturer to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that you get the very best deal possible. We would also make sure that when the aircraft is released, it will meet all the necessary specifications for the environment it will be operated in, as well as any other governing regulations that are appropriate.

If it's a used aircraft you select to purchase, we will use our vast network of contacts to find you the very best aircraft available to suit your needs and budget. After checking into what's available on the market, we will conduct preliminary investigations into what we feel are the most appropriate options for you. We will then provide you with a short list of the aircraft we feel are most suitable based on your requirements and budget. We will also provide you with detailed specification of each of the aircraft on the short list.

Once you decide on which one to go for, we will negotiate on your behalf and endeavour to get the very best deal for you. We will also carry out an initial aircraft inspection ourselves, followed by a full Pre-Buy inspection at an approved maintenance centre for the type of aircraft chosen.

All legal agreements are either formed or at least scrutinized by our associated leading Aviation Legal Team to make sure that your legal interests are protected.

Selling an Aircraft

When it comes to selling your aircraft and either upgrading or just moving to something new, we will use our vast network of contacts to sell your aircraft as fast as possible and for the very best return.

Leasing an Aircraft

Should you opt to lease an aircraft for a block of hours, then we will search the market and find the very best option to suit your needs and budget.