Our Services: Aircraft Consultancy

Aircraft Consultancy

We offer consultancy on Aircraft Acquisition, Group Ownership, Leasing, Fractional Ownership or Charter Brokerage with a range of services and reports tailored specifically to your needs, using our experience, knowledge and vast network of contacts.

Once deciding to go down the Executive Jet route, there are three main stages to help decide on the most suitable solution for you.

1st Stage:

As your travel needs may be quite complex, we help you review them by listening carefully to what you have to say and understanding your needs. Answering the following simple questions would really help us help you;

2nd Stage:

There are both tangible and non-tangible benefits that Executive Jets offer, and these need to be considered as they may well have a bearing on the type of option to be selected. Here are a number of them;

3rd Stage:

We will endeavor to match your objectives to a proposed aviation solution, whether be it an Outright Ownership, Group Ownership, Fractional Share Purchase, Aircraft Lease or Charter Consultancy.

As mentioned, aviation is a very serious and complex field. However, our aim at Speedbird Air is to simplify things for you and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible which is what we endeavour to achieve.

If opting for an Outright Ownership or a Group Ownership, we will be happy to provide a fully comprehensive Management Service, allowing you to fully enjoy your aircraft without any of the complexities and hassle associated with owning an aircraft.

Accuracy of information is paramount and that is why we use our vast experience as well as reputable aviation resources, to provide key information on operating costs, performance, market availability and pricing.