Gallery: Citation Jet - CJ1


Exterior Features

By delivering jet performance at turboprop prices, the CitationJet became one of the world's hottest-selling business jets. Its successor, the new CJ1, builds on that success by increasing its speed, range and capacity. Cruise 150 mph faster than a turboprop. The CJ1: Don't take slow for an answer.


The CJ1's interior was created by the same team that designed the midsize Citation interiors. The clean lines, rich materials, recessed aisle, and extra headroom and elbow room rivals aircraft costing many times more. And since it's a Citation, you know the fit and finish are superb, and interior configurations are designed to suit your needs.

Cockpit & Avionics

Pilots want the very best flight deck imaginable, this is achived with the Collins Pro Line 21. With solid-state air data sensors, color weather radar, and liquid crystal HSI and ADI displays, the package is lighter, less bulky, and far more powerful than traditional avionics. And with a Bendix/King Flight Management System, navigation is as simple as the push of a button.