Gallery: Citation Jet - CJ3


Exterior Features

With its striking T-tail and new wider-span natural laminar flow wing, the CJ3 is configured for precise handling, performance and aerodynamic efficiency. The computer-sculpted airfoil maintains an uninterrupted flow of air across a greater portion of its surface than a conventional wing, producing a cake-and-eat-it-too combination of more lift with less drag. The net benefits: greater speed, longer range, faster climb and increased fuel efficiency. The same aerodynamic styling makes the CJ3 a ramp show-stopper even when it's standing still.


You'll enjoy an abundance of stretch-out legroom in the CJ3's standard six-seat, center-club configuration. It's a good 23 inches longer than the CJ2's interior (which, in turn, is nearly 3 feet longer than the original CitationJet's). And every added inch means extra comfort for you and your passengers.

Cockpit & Avionics

The CJ3's standard cockpit configuration features the most advanced, fully integrated digital avionics suite ever offered in this class of aircraft. Consolidating all primary flight, navigation and engine data into large, easy-to-scan LCD displays, the Collins Pro Line 21 package is recognized by the entire industry as a genuine breakthrough in pilot workload reduction and situational awareness.