Gallery: Citation XLS


Exterior Features

It's a win/win/win opportunity. You win with the big cabin of a midsize jet. You win with the flexibility and freedom of a light jet. And you win with a level of performance never thought possible from this unique combination. The XLS really is in a class by itself. It embodies everything that has made Citation the world's favorite line of business jets. And it does so with a cabin rivaling far costlier midsize business jets.


Step inside the Citation XLS, and your senses will insist you're in an aircraft that costs millions more. The restyled XLS interior offers exactly the same cabin height and width as the Citation X. Passengers can move up and down the entire cabin length with plenty of headroom. There's ample space for a comfortable lavatory and center-club seating to accommodate eight passengers. The relaxed atmosphere invites in-flight productivity and greatly reduces the stress of travel. You'll arrive fresh and ready for action.

Cockpit & Avionics

It was already one of the most efficient flight deck layouts in the industry. Now, in the new XLS, the story gets even better. Featuring the latest in avionics integration and large-format LCD displays, the new XLS comes standard with an enhanced Honeywell Primus 1000 CDS Digital Flight Control System. It features three expanded 8 x 10-inch electronic flight displays - two Primary Flight Displays and a Multi-Function Display. A digital Autopilot/Flight Director is also standard, as are GPS, DME and vertical navigation capabilities.