Gallery: Citation X


Exterior Features

It's no coincidence that the world's fastest business aircraft is also the world's most aerodynamically advanced. As a result, even at high-cruise power settings, the Citation X's fuel consumption is comparable to other, much slower aircraft in its weight class. Day-to-day, you'll use as much fuel as slower airplanes with smaller cabins. And you'll arrive at your destination much sooner.


It doesn't feel like a midsized business jet inside. That's because it isn't. The Citation X opens up a whole new aircraft category - with the most spacious and stunningly attractive cabin ever created for a Citation. The full-length stand-up aisle stretches 24 feet. And each Citation X interior is unique; individually crafted to suit the specific requirements of the owner. Each is outfitted to make every trip both as pleasurable and as productive as possible.

Cockpit & Avionics

To step into the front office of the Citation X is to get a preview of the 21st Century. The panel is dominated by the five 7 x 8-inch screens of the Honeywell Primus 2000 autopilot/flight director system. Dual flight management systems with GPS are standard. Even the crew seats are technologically advanced, ergonomically designed for long-range comfort.