Gallery: Citation Encore


Exterior Features

The Citation Encore cruises at speeds of nearly 500 mph. That's 150 mph faster than the leading turboprop. It climbs directly to 45,000 feet in just 29 minutes � a mile above most weather, and nearly two miles higher than any propeller-driven airplane. And it's per-hour operating cost is actually less than that of most popular turboprops � and we'll stand behind that with a guarantee in writing.


The Encore's cabin is more than 17 luxurious feet in length. Spacious enough for eight passengers to really stretch out and relax in whatever seating configuration you choose. The cabin's 14 windows add to the overall feeling of openness. And passenger boarding is easy, thanks to the airstair entryway. And Encore has far more room for luggage than any competitive aircraft � 43 cubic feet in external baggage compartments.

Cockpit & Avionics

The Encore's flight deck is equipped with an extraordinarily comprehensive and advanced avionics package. The most visible elements include a large 8 x 7-inch Primary Flight Display for each pilot and a centrally located 8 x 7-inch Multi-Function Display. The Encore is also one of the few light jets to be equipped with the Honeywell Primus 1000 Digital Flight Control System.