Gallery: Citation Jet - CJ2


Exterior Features

The revolutionary CitationJet changed the face of business aviation forever. For the first time, operators could benefit from a jet with the efficiency of a turboprop. Now, the Citation CJ2 delivers more speed, greater ranger, better climb capabilities, and a higher operating ceiling than the original CitationJet.


The passenger area of the CJ2 is three feet longer than the CitationJet. There's plenty of room for passengers to relax in a sumptuous six-seat center-club configuration. Amid the clean lines, rich materials, and impeccable design, you can enjoy the atmosphere - and size - of a cabin rivaling that of a far more costly aircraft. There's even a larger tail cone baggage compartment to hold more luggage and gear.

Cockpit & Avionics

The CJ2's Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite uses the very latest technology available in business aviation - the standard equipment package includes two huge 8 x 10-inch active matrix color liquid crystal displays. The pilot's Primary Flight Display and center Multi-Function Display present all necessary flight information in an easy-to-interpret format. A Collins digital autopilot and air-data computer and panel-mounted avionics are also standard.