Gallery: Citation Bravo


Exterior Features

The Bravo concept: Take more, go more, do more. The Citation Bravo promises to do everything its best-selling forerunners did - and do them significantly better - while remaining more affordable to own and operate than the leading turboprop. That's why Bravo is a win-win aircraft. You get more power on less fuel. Longer endurance and faster speeds. Short-field performance and 45,000-foot operating altitudes. In other words, this Bravo means excellence.


As you step up the Bravo's wide airstair entry and take your seat, the clamor and rush of the outside world seems to fade quietly away. With comfortable, pedestal-mounted swivel chairs, more seated headroom, a long list of entertainment and refreshment options, soundproofing, and more, it's easy to see this is a place where business was meant to be conducted. A bravo performance? Most definitely.

Cockpit & Avionics

When it comes to cockpit design and workload, simpler usually means safer. Citation Bravo is truly much less complicated to fly than comparable turboprops. Power and fuel management are simpler. There are fewer controls to handle. And no props to feather or cycle. In fact, Bravo is so straight-forward to fly, the FAA has approved it for single-pilot operations. That's why, from a pilot's point of view, Bravo's best seats are right up front.